Learn About the Land You’ll Be Building On

Learn About the Land You’ll Be Building On

GradeTek can tell you the elevation and various features on your land

It’s important to know about the land you’ll be building on to avoid potential construction or excavation issues. GradeTek, PLLC can perform a topographic land survey to tell you about the various natural elements on your land, including:

  • Hills
  • Streams
  • Ravines
  • Trees

Once we’ve completed the survey, you’ll know exactly what natural features you’ll be dealing with and where to build your new property.

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When do you need a topographic survey?

You should hire us to conduct this survey before you start any new construction project or when you’re redeveloping your land. The more you know about your parcel of land, you’ll know how much excavation you’ll need if any before beginning your project. We’ll deliver the results of our survey to you as quickly as possible so you can start building soon.

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