At GradeTek, we give every one of our clients a Customer Satisfaction survey to take after the job is done. We ask them to rate us based on the following criteria:

  • Easy to work with
  • Understood what the customer wanted to accomplish
  • Completed on or before due date
  • Reasonable cost
  • Quality
  • Initial response time
  • Communication throughout project
  • Delivered product was easy to understand
  • Would use this Surveyer again
  • Would recommend this Surveyer to others

Customers are allowed to choose a grade 1-5, with 1 being extremely dissatisfied and 5 being extremely satisfied. GradeTek has never received an average score of less than 4.2 and 95% of the reviews average 4.5 or better.

Find out what so many customers have learned while working with GradeTek and give us a call today!


"All work exceeded our expectations"


"easy to work with"


"Thank you for your service, very much satisfied with everything, enjoyed working with you"


"he did what I had to get done. I will tell anyone who needs a survey to call him."


"You folks did a great job! Would highly recommend!"


"Thank you George. I appreciate it especially on such short notice."


Thank you for your help George

D. Thomas

Very satisfied with the work done by the surveyor George Yerion

Lorene D.

I liked that you worked with me to change the lines to one more acceptable to me. I appreciated the explanations, even though I was in the dark as to what I really needed and wanted.

Louie R.

As architects and engineers RLB works with numerous surveyors. George was great to work with and we would certainly use him again.


All was explained and answered my questions, and always called back in reasonable time.

Velda S.

What a project. George met deadline in spite of the hassles. Thank you for all the work and communication that you did.


You were amazing to work with, thank you so very much!

C. B.