How Much Land Is Rightfully Yours?

How Much Land Is Rightfully Yours?

Let GradeTek survey your property boundaries to find out

GradeTek, PLLC provides boundary surveys so you can know exactly how much land you own. You need to know where the borders of your property are to avoid:

  • Disputes between neighbors
  • Building on your neighbor’s property
  • Violating local construction codes
  • Potential complications in title deeds

We’ll survey your property boundaries regularly so that they remain current. Whether you want to expand your enterprise or give part of your land to the state, we’ll mark your property boundaries so you can safely build within your own borders.

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Why do you need a licensed surveyor?

We’re well-versed in U.S. property law and boundary measuring equipment. Boundary surveying also involves more than just surveying the size and shape of the land, so you need our trained professionals to do it for you. Our experienced, licensed surveyors will measure your property accurately so that you know just how much land you own.

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