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Gooding, ID

Thank you for visiting GradeTek, PLLC. We pride ourselves on our quality, attention to detail, and true, consultative approach to land surveying. When you contract GradeTek to survey your land, you'll get much more than just boundaries marked. We believe in consulting with you to make sure you've considered all codes, ordinances, and laws that may prevent you from getting the most out of your newly appraised plot of land.

Environmentally Conscious

When developing a grading plan, GradeTek will find the best way to minimize the amount of earthwork required, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in costs down the road. Additionally, we consider what will make the most financial sense in terms of maintenance once the plot has been set. GradeTek believes in working closely with all parties involved, from their clients to construction teams to residents of the land.

Guidance at every step

The number of surveying companies that operate with no leadership is surprising, but all too common. The founder and owner of GradeTek, George Yerion, personally oversees every job. George's 30+ years of experience with surveying, coding, and zoning will be invaluable to your next surveying job.

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